Letter from Stewart Holtz.

Techno-Ware, Inc. has been a distributor of English Discoveries since 2003. We know we have an excellent program in English Discoveries. In addition, we pride ourselves in both the pedagogical and technical services we provide. When districts tell us that we have given them better service than any company they have dealt with, that motivates us even more to maintain our high standards.

Thank you for your interest in English Discoveries and please contact us so we can assist you as needed.

Stewart Holtz
Techno-Ware, Inc.
Company information:
Techno-Ware, Inc.
16258 Andalucia Lane
Delray Beach, Florida 33446
Toll-Free Telephone: 800.469.9154
Local Telephone: 561.638.8733
Fax number: 561.638.8518